September 13th, 2007

Random Violin

I can has tickets?

Received a rather cryptic email from lending development manager today, which he concluded by asking if I liked motor sport. To my affirmative response, he replied that he'll see me on Tuesday at the lender's meeting.
I'm hardly game to hope - can it be Indy tickets? Free Indy tickets, to the corporate box, with alcohol/food/transport thrown in?
*crosses fingers and wishes on star*

(knowing my luck it will be an autographed photo of Peter Jansen. Or a lump of Bob Morris' pigeon poo, bronzed for posterity. Or a statue of Alan Grice, picking his teeth with the stiffened tail of a dead rat.)

ETA: (or Mark Skaife's appendix, pickled, in a jar ;-)) )
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