December 30th, 2007

Random Violin

Kitten talk

Yesterday was kitty vaccination day, so I wasn't too surprised when the mob spent most of today just sleeping. They had come good by dinner time, and were back to normal - kittens only have two speeds; flat-out and full stop, and by the time I brought their meal in they were running round like mad things again. In fact tortie girl dived out the door past me, and in my clumsy attempt to catch her while juggling a precariously-balanced stack of dinner plates, I managed to drop the top plate on the floor. Of course it landed upside down!
My first priority, however, was to grab the tortie and reunite her with her mates. I finally cornered her under a chair (this kitten moves fast - I call her the red cordial kid) where she was cowering in fright, having come nose-to-nose with my old blue girl. The encounter really seemed to shake her up and on return to her room she just wanted to cuddle down with her mum.
Meanwhile I had a mess on the floor to clean up, with Chioken's help; apparently cottage cheese tastes better off the floor than it does off a plate. The little boy was busily tucking into his mother's meal, and when one of his sisters came too close he held out one paw and growled at her. Such a fierce little tiger!
I never get tired of kittens' antics, even after all these years of breeding.
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