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You! Out of my Fandom!

(Also posted to badfic_quotes)

Finding My Angel
The intro should be warning enough that Here Lies Bad!fic!

wish we owned them. Than maybe we would be able to have some decent entertainment.
Heavy angst. One scean of child abuse(sorry I had to wite it). i do not condone child abuse.
I based William's attitude after Jim made the smment in Most Wanted. Taking place right after Brother's Keeper. I have taken liberties with Jim and Blair's ages. Jim is 17 and Blair is 11.

I bring you bad!grammar, bad!wordchoice and bad!plot - 11 year old Blair turns 17 year old Jim Gay! Beware the power of Teh Gey!
These are a few of my favourite things:-

"I still can't get over the mayor's wife calling him a hypo crypt."
Neither can I. Although if I understood it, I might.

That admission from Jim was making his dead spin.
In their graves, no doubt.

"I will not have some fairy living under my house!"
Oh, okay. What about the bottom of the garden, then?

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