February 25th, 2008

Random Violin

Top Five Music Meme

"borrowed" from melanieathene
- list your top five favorite musical artists.
- list your top five favorite songs from each artist.
- tag five people to do the same

This was more difficult than it appeared, mainly because it meant limiting myself to only five songs in some cases. Even choosing the top five artists was harder than I thought it would be! I finally settled on those artists who've been at the top of my list forever.

Led Zeppelin
Misty Mountain Hop
Night Ride
Down by The Seaside
The Ocean

This is My City
The Bruce Suite (Inc. I'm Normal)
Whatever Happened to the Revolution?
Mercedes Ladies
Women In Uniform

Cat Stevens
Oh Very Young
Moon Shadow
Father & Son
Morning Has Broken
Peace Train

Billy Joel
Goodnight Saigon
A Matter of Trust
The Longest Time
My Life

A Kind of Magic
Under Pressure
The Prophet's Song
You're My Best Friend
Somebody To Love

Silverchair, George Michael, David Bowie, No Doubt, Eminem, Santana, Savage Garden, Scissor Sisters - all could have got a look-in as well.
Not going to tag anyone - play along if you'd like to.
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