February 28th, 2008

Random Violin

Rep conference.

The Finance Sector Union held its two-day rep conference this week, and it was totally fascinating. This was the first one I've attended and I had no idea of what to expect. We spent the days debating the next big campaign we run, after the success of the "Your Rights At Work" campaign. It was very interesting to listen to two of our keynote speakers, both of whom are Labor backbenchers, as they outlined the challenges that lay ahead; Labor doesn't have a clear majority in the Senate so they require the Greens and Independents to come onboard with any legislation they hope to get passed.
Also interesting was Graham Perrett's assessment of our economy, based on information he's gathered as part of an economic sub-committee. We are in for a difficult five years, my friends, as the effects of galloping inflation coupled with low unemployment and skills shortages are felt.

Already I'm getting customers wishing to fix their loans because "now the Labor party's in, the interest rates are bound to go up." I just nod my head. It's pointless getting out my interest rate sheets from 2002, where the variable rate was 5.99%, and showing that the rates rose by 3% under the previous government.
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Random Violin

Move along, nothing to see here.

Came home tonight and discovered cat sick on my white bedspread. I knew there was a reason I normally keep my bedroom door shut.


I'm expecting a houseguest this weekend. A friend from down south will be in Brisbane for a Brooks & Dunn concert and will be crashing here afterwards. She offered to get me a ticket but I passed on it; bad enough one of our brokers gave me a Keith Urban CD for Christmas. Banjos and pickup trucks - I'm outta there! I gave it to someone who I knew would appreciate it.


More rain. Well, drizzle at any rate. I hope the dams reach the level required to ease the restrictions, my car really needs a wash.