April 2nd, 2008

Random Violin


I've been trying to set up a home surround sound system for the last couple of days. Boy am I struggling - I don't "do" technology all that well. At present my tv sound is coming through one of the front speakers, dvd sound runs through both front and both subwoofers, but the surround speakers are yet to chirp. I know they're connected properly as they work when I do the balance test etc, its just a matter of me figuring out the complicated menu system in order to engage them I think. Meanwhile the centre speaker, perched on my tv set, looks like a mutant owl eyeing me off for its next meal.
Turning the tv on has become a grand production in itself. Switch on the set, turn it to AV1,switch on the receiver, turn it to SAT, pick up the remote for the set top box and select a channel... life isn't getting any easier.
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