July 20th, 2008

Random Violin

So how was your weekend?

For the first time since moving up here I didn't go out to the Willowbank round of the V8 Supercars today. The friends I normally go with had something else on this weekend so I had to be content with watching from home.
In between races I painted gnomes. Yep, I own gnomes. Two of them. They were here when I moved in, huddled beneath a tree, faded and tatty from exposure. I couldn't bring myself to throw them out; instead I took them in, cleaned them up, then stored them away.
Until today. One of the gnomes is now outfitted entirely in black, and even has a single tiny black teardrop rolling down his cheek. He's my Goth Gnome. The other is decked out in purple jacket and red trousers, with both jacket and black hat coated in glitter. He looks as though he's been hitting the E pretty hard, so he's my Rave Gnome.
They look entirely hideous, trashy and tacky to the max, but I love 'em.