December 10th, 2008

Random Violin

I have far too many photos of cats.

Chicken is the most outgoing of my cats. She's not timid, can be extremely vocal (for example she doesn't hesitate to voice her opinion about car travel - for five hours straight) and she's quite friendly and accepting of others. She likes to headbutt and groom the other cats, most of whom respond by smacking her one. She also has no sense of personal space and no hesitation to invade the space of others.
Last night she managed to persuade Dot that she isn't the devil incarnate, and after a mutual groom they settled down together on top of the bookcase.
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Snooky, on the other hand, is too laid-back to care about other cats. He just mooches around, doing his own thing, and getting bossed about by all and sundry. Poor placid darling. He's marvellous with kittens, having the patience of a saint, and has never been known to lift a paw in anger. In fact the only time I've ever heard him growl was when I first brought Chicken home as a ten week old kitten, and she chased him up the hallway, biting his feet.
Chicken adores him.
His ruff always looks ratty because Chicken sucks on it, and she often follows him around (but without the foot-biting now, thankfully). I had to get a bigger-than-usual petsnug for him because she insisted on sharing it, and if they didn't both fit well she just sprawled out on top of him.
This morning Snooky attempted to catch forty winks on top of the bookcase, and Chicken was right on it. Poor guy, he never gets any peace! Doesn't look too unhappy about it though.
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Random Violin

The Death of Death

I love Irregular Webcomic, and the Steve and Terry series is my favourite of all. This one, tonight, just cracked me up! (The skeleton guy is a Grim Reaper; apparently there's a different one for every kind of death you can think of, eg Death from Licking a Poisonous Frog has his own Grim Reaper. Etc.)
You can skip backwards and forwards through the different series, too - S&T, and Death both have links on this page, and from them you can skip to Nigerian Finance Minister, Fantasy, Space, Cliffhangers etc.

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