March 28th, 2009

Random Violin

Goodbye Today

It's the witching hour and I'm ready for bed. Also glad to see the back of the day, tbh. Horrid day at work, topped off by finding that my printer has died - it's less than a year old so I'll have to contact the manufacturer and see what, if anything, Can Be Done.
A couple of bright spots worth noting; first, JJD arrived, seasons 2, 3 & 4. Not sure if I'll get a start on them this weekend as I'm busily watching The Professionals Season 1 again (for the squillionth time, it seems). And then, only just a little while ago, a very kind person offered to share an OOP zine with me, for the cost of postage and copying. How good is that.
I love my fandoms *squishes tightly to chest, pats head* and the people who inhabit them.
Random Violin

Sitting in the dark

It's Earth Hour so all my lights are switched off, and I have a couple of flickering candles for illumination as I type away. Not sure if having the PC on defeats the purpose of EH, but I can't sit in total blackness for an hour without anything at all to do. I've turned off all the equipment that usually sits in Standby mode at least.

Had a very interesting afternoon out and about with a friend who is looking at buying a new house, once she's sold her current place. We visited a couple of display homes for starters - decorated in autumn shades including dreadful nylon brown carpet to which long white cat hair would stick like glue... must be getting old, though, as I cannot appreciate the current trends in interior decoration. Who wants to live in shades of brown and cream? (Well obviously some people do otherwise they wouldn't decorate the display homes in these colours.) Time to concede defeat, I guess, and admit that I'm over the hill!

I had a really weird dream just prior to waking this morning, in which two of the mag wheels had "fallen off" my car and my tyre tread was really low. I woke up thinking that I'd need to replace all four tyres and may as well get a mag wheel / tyre deal as it would be very difficult to match my remaining mags. Of course once I was fully awake and functional I had to go downstairs and thoroughly inspect my car! Pleased to announce that the tyre tread is still more than adequate, and all four wheels are still where they should be.
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