July 28th, 2009

Random Violin

Sweet sweet seduction.

I'm the faithful type, normally; loyal and true. But I must confess my guilty little secret - I think I'm falling in love with another, while poor Robert is off getting better. I know it can only be a short-term fling, and that nothing serious can come of it, so I'm getting the most out of it while I can.
My head has been turned by a black Mitsubishi (god did I just say that? wash my mouth out!)380 which I've dubbed Crazy Tommy - my replacement ride while Robert Red Ford is in getting patched up. I was dubious at first, having had prior experience with Magnas, but this car is sweet.

It's a fun car to drive; deceptively easy to accelerate, with a low-range exhaust growl that lets you know when the engine is working. Suspension copes well with most lumps and bumps, and I put it over some pretty rough road tonight. To its detriment the suspension sounds clunky, although it could simply be because this particular model is a hire car which has possibly been given a caning. Very little feel is transmitted through to the cabin or the steering wheel, traversing roadworks and choppy surfaces. And that's another drawback - at speed the steering feels quite light; not unresponsive exactly, but airy-fairy. Makes me wonder if its a front-wheel drive, but I can't be arsed looking it up to find out *g* Meanwhile from a standing start the steering feels peculiar - I don't have the word for what it does, but it feels as though it's wanting to veer off in different directions. Plant the foot though and it settles down and behaves itself.

And the thing likes to go. In fact it likes to go so much that it tells me so; every so often it beeps at me, and the word "Speed" flashes on the dashboard. So I oblige it. Who am I to spoil its fun?

In short? It's mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Crazy Tommy, I'll miss you when I hand the keys back, and settle back into my vanilla relationship with Robert.

ETA: yes, I just looked it up and it's a front-wheel drive. Explains all.

ETA #2 - found a piccy on the web - it's even black!

Crazy Tommy
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Luncheon menu today included for dessert "Chocolate roulade with raspberries and King Island Cream". I nearly laughed myself silly when the plate arrived - it's a Swiss Roll!