September 20th, 2009

Random Violin

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This weekend I attended the very last-ever Holiday Coast Cat Show. The club that I worked so hard to create all those years ago, and of which I'm a life member, has now ceased to exist as a separate entity and been absorbed into the Northern NSW Cat Club.
There was a core of us, who worked to establish the club. Over the years we've all gone our separate ways; one moved to Melbourne, one to Perth, two of us moved to Brisbane, one passed away and one is in a retirement home. There are other long-standing members who supported the club from afar, but only one of the original group remains in Coffs Harbour. Even though new people have come into the club, the decision was taken to merge with Northern Rivers as it was the same people on each committee.
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I feel sad about this. I haven't had any input into Holiday Coast since my move, but it's like a little part of my history has ended.