February 12th, 2010

Random Violin

Wishing my life away

(a week at a time)
And what an interesting week. My phone's been out of order since Sunday, which has been absolutely lovely. For me, at any rate; not so good for people trying to ring me. I did relent and decide to report it earlier tonight but there was a recorded message advising of delays of up to 20 minutes, and I don't have that much patience.
It was a quick week. Tuesday morning involved a lenders' meeting, and all day Thursday was spent at a training course. The time in between just flew by.
Thursday morning my first assignment arrived back, marked, in the mail. Between retrieving it from my post office box, and actually opening it, I resigned myself to having to resubmit a couple of the questions (notably the Statement of Advice; I really felt I'd screwed that up.) I was feeling sick as I opened the packet - and there were the neat ticks in all of the little boxes, all the way down the page, for each core competency: "Demonstrated Competency." Woo-hoo! Feedback page told me I'd left out a lot of detail, but I passed! . Now I need to sit the exam for this subject. Rinse and repeat, three more times....
What else? Oh, it was bonus week, which was nice. Def. won't make target this quarter (for the first time in WHENEVER!) due to extremely slow conditions, and the next two quarters won't fare too well, with my six weeks off spread from late May/early July.
On the plus side - email from amazon.co.uk advising that Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Judge John Deed series 5 are winging their way to me. Shouldn't be too long now.
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