February 26th, 2010

Random Rainbow Earth

Cats and rats and elephants

There's a jacket I want. Every day I walk past the shop in my lunch hour, and check to see it's still hanging there. I can't help myself - I'm addicted to jackets and coats. I have a wardrobe full of the things, and I live in a very mild (subtropical) climate which means I rarely have a chance to wear winter gear, but still I want this rotten thing. *sigh*. I asked one of my workmates to give me all the reasons why I shouldn't buy it, and she just sat there saying "But you work hard, you should buy it for yourself." Some help she was.

We changed over to a new HR system this week, and as we were told that the data on our old system for the most part wouldn't be transferred, I printed out my leave history from the old system just for my own information. It's interesting going back through the years and seeing how many sick days I took in any particular year. The highest total was 1998 when I had 8 days off in total, due to a bout of the 'flu that kept me home for a week. Prior to that, going back to 1992 the most I'd taken was four days in any year. 2002 was 5 days (when my father died) and 2001 was 4 days (my mum's funeral). But since then - it varies between no sick leave taken at all, (two years) up to a maximum of one day. Last year I only had half a day off when I had my mammogram and ultrasound.
Some meaningless numbers garnered from HR:
I have 7.3 weeks holiday clocked up, 7 weeks long service leave (AFTER allowing for the time booked in May/June/July this year) and over 30 weeks' worth of sick leave available.

Culture Club is playing on the radio at the moment. Takes me right back, that does. And reminds me that a friend has flown to Sydney today for the George Michael concert tonight. I warned him not to get too close, don't know what you'd catch. Not dissing the man's music though; I confess to being a closet George Michael fan myself.

More V8 Supercars this weekend and once again we're getting a delayed telecast. *shakes fist at Channel 7*

Tomorrow night is Cat of the Year awards night for 2009. Should be fun! Good food, good friends, and a celebration of everyone's successes.

And today was Peter Brock's birthday; he'd have been 65.