February 27th, 2010

Random Violin

Some people.

Cat of the Year dinner would have been a nice, laid-back occasion except for one thing; when the winner of Reserve Companion of the year did a dummy-spit because she didn't win Best. Note the word "companion" here; we're not talking about a breeding program, or a show-winner whose results will boost kitten sales, we're talking about a domestic cat. A moggy. Yes, he's a lovely boy (I've given him a few firsts over the years) but on points he was beaten by an equally lovely cat.
Results have been up on our website since the end of the show season last year. She could have had a look at any time. But no, she had to make a scene at our celebration before grabbing her stuff and walking out. Only to come back in a few minutes later in order to return the trophy - thumped it down on the table in front of me while alleging that she'd rung two of her friends who both confirmed that she should have won. Huh? How does that even work?

Don't you see it, though, time after time; people who get so involved in their hobby/sport/fandom that they lose all sense of perspective. It's a cat show for goodness sake. You show your cat all year, and if you're lucky at the end of that time you're presented with a bit of engraved glass bearing your cat's name that will sit on your cupboard until you get tired of dusting it and pack it away for good. IT'S NOT SHEEP STATIONS PEOPLE! IT'S A CAT SHOW! *sigh* get a grip, please.