February 28th, 2010

Random Violin

Quiet day at home.

Today was a day for tackling the big job - cleaning out my wardrobe. I ended up with three piles of rejects; too big, too small, and too uninterested/ daggy. Some things I had to force myself to throw out, though, like my Miami Mice sweatshirt that dates back to the mid-80s. It's old, stained and shapeless, and I only ever remember I have it when I clean out my wardrobe, but still it hurt to consign it to the rubbish.
Also - if I found myself thinking "well this could come in handy if I'm ever invited to a 70s/ 80s themed party" I made myself throw the article in question. If that's the only reason I'm holding on to something there's really no point, is there?

Meanwhile I managed to get a couple of photos of a rainbow lorikeet who was feasting on my umbrella tree's flowers. Collapse )

Bodie-cat did his best to catch a bird which was sitting on the back rail and laughing at him:
Collapse )

And when I was downloading those photos from my camera, I found this one of the three girlies which I'd taken some weeks ago:Collapse )

And that was my day.