March 28th, 2010

Random Violin

Lazy Sunday

Woke this morning to the sound of pouring rain - which gave me a brilliant excuse to stay home all day. After all the time I spent Friday night washing and drying my car, and then yesterday shining the glass and blacking the tyres, there was no way I was taking it out on wet streets to get mucky again.
Of course it had fined up by mid-morning but there was enough scudding cloud around to keep me home. I had plenty to do; lots of cleaning, washing of lounge rugs and cat beds, polishing of glass coffee tables etc but by lunchtime I was ready to curl up with a zine. Next thing you know it was six pm and getting dark outside. Where did my weekend go?
Random Violin

Capri squee

Look what I found on youtube! It's billed as "Martin Shaw - Capri Advert" - embedding disabled so I've provided a link to it here. It looks like it predates his work in Pros.

And I love these ads! Collapse )
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