April 8th, 2010

Random Violin

Doors n more

Bit of an issue lately with keys and locks and just doors in general. All at once, which is a bit bizarre. The lock on my office door has been jamming for a few days and yesterday it refused to grant entry until I sacrificed a small mammal at its feet. A locksmith soon put it to rights, but now it's gone full-circle and is difficult to lock. I should have sacrificed the locksmith, it might have been more effective. Meanwhile the little remote doovey for my car's keyless entry system is running out of puff, and it takes more than a gentle stroking to gain its co-operation. There's a new battery in its future, I can see that.
And now the downstairs bedroom door is refusing to catch, and I have to keep a bin full of cat litter wedged against it so that cats can't push it open.

Two lunches with friends this week - back to my Vegemite sandwich today though. Bit of a come-down after the noodle bar on Tuesday and Hogs Breath yesterday.

Story that just popped up on my flist contains the following warnings: Non-consensual Slavery, Rape, Extreme Torture, Mutilation, Self-harm, Explicit Violence, Dubious Consent, Mentions Of Child Abuse, Consensual BDSM, Domestic Discipline, Explicit Sex, Language, Slash, Het, Threesome, MPreg
Hmm... overkill?