June 16th, 2010

Random Violin

Pub Food

I love the atmosphere of UK pubs, and the food we've bought in pubs has been some of the best meals we've had. Sunday lunch at a little corner pub where the barmaid had to see if they could "do up a table for a pair of walk-ins"; obviously we weren't locals! Then, taking our orders - "What will it be, love - lamb, beef or chicken?" We're assuming roast, and chose the chicken which turned out to be boiled. But the veggies which accompanied the chook were tasty and plentiful; the gravy was delicious, and the meal overall was enjoyable.
Others came and went while we ate; "ooh hello love, your friends are over there, having the usual are you?", I guess most people would be well-known at their locals.
Last night's dinner eaten while watching soccer on the big screen at the pub next door. Very cheap meal, and again lots of it. I could get used to this!
And there really is a pub on nearly every corner. You'd not go thirsty for long here. Drinks are cheap, too; paid five pounds 40p for two medium chardonnays last night, and paid nearly five pounds just for one large one in a hotel restaurant recently, which was the same size as the pub's medium drink.
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