September 2nd, 2010

Random Violin


"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves."

And if you couldn't tell from that quote, I'm rewatching my ninth doctor dvds, while waiting for the three series of the tenth doctor to arrive from Christopher Eccleston is brilliant, and I'd forgotten just how much I loved the banter between him and Captain Jack. In fact I'd forgotten how much I adored Jack in this!
Still not finished watching Torchwood... putting off watching Children of Earth as long as possible. Yes, I'm a wuss.

Gotta love amazon though. The three series of Dr Who, plus another dvd I threw in for fun, plus postage, comes to 57GBP, which equates to AUD$97. When you consider that series 2 alone costs $79.99 in Sanity here, that's not bad value.

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Dr Who Saving the Universe

LJ Fix!

Thanks to trepkos who pointed me towards saifai's brilliant entry explaining how to remove the ticky boxes for cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter. It took less than a minute to effect the changes and as you can see - no more ticky-boxes! It won't stop those who have elected to auto-share everything, or have enabled the "View in own style" feature, but those who pick and choose what to cross-post won't have that option. Permission has been given to share this information, so if you're worried at all about this, do the following:

Go to the main menu and click Journal >> Journal Style >> Customise your theme >> Custom CSS . Post the following code into the code box:

/* ---FB-Twitter Comment Ticky Fix--- */
.b-repost-items, .b-repost-item, .b-repost-item IMG, #entry-form-wrapper .b-repost-item, b-repost-item-fb {
display: none;

.b-repost-item .repost_disabled {
color: #CCC;
display: none;

It should work on Plus, Paid and Permanent accounts.

ETA: read comments for an even better fix!
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