September 3rd, 2010

Random Rainbow Earth

Spring gardening

Out in the garden, enjoying the sunshine today, after a trip to the local nursery. I love going there but suffer from a complete lack of gardening imagination, so most of the plants I fall in love with remain unbought, just because I can't think of somewhere to plant them.
Added to my bromeliad collection today, and picked up a couple of begonias as well for a few gaps in the bromeliad garden. Just for contrast. Also bought a lovely white begonia and planted it with my white azaleas. Hope the slugs etc don't eat it. I won't put snail and slug pellets around as there are a couple of stray (? not really sure if they have homes) cats hanging about.
I really really need one of those garden makeover shows to come in and do something about my yard, the front in particular as it's very boring and bland.