September 15th, 2010

Random Violin

Finally home after a bit of drama.

Long, long day today... didn't walk out of work until 6.15, and I'd promised a friend I'd swing by and meet her new kitten. Stayed an hour there, but when I got into my car to go home and turned the ignition key - nothing. Lights on the dash flashed briefly, there was a muffled "urgh" sound and then everything just died.

*sigh* . Back into friend's house and called roadside service (RACQ in this state)and advised that my battery was kaput. After a 30 minute wait this bush mechanic guy turns up - looked, sounded and acted as though he'd be happier hotwiring HR Holdens in a paddock somewhere - and proceeded to tell me nah, battery's fine, just a loose terminal. Tightening said terminal made no difference; then it was corrosion on a lead. Cleaning the corrosion (invisible to the naked eye) made no difference so he thought he'd jump-start the car. "How about we just change the battery," says I, but no, he says, because if it's NOT the battery then I'm no better off.

So he fiddles around some more, keeps getting me to try and start the car, and I'm getting more and more annoyed as nothing is happening. Finally he jump-starts it then tells me hey, your battery isn't so healthy is it, think you need a new one *headsteeringwheel makes a change from headdesk and is slightly less painful* the car idles, and I'm starting to think that home might be more than a pleasant, distant memory... and then he announces that he doesn't have a battery to fit my car (oh rly?? then why ask for make and model when I rang and said MY BATTERY IS FLAT?) so he'll just get enough charge into the battery to get me home, and then in the morning I can call back to the RACQ and they'll come jump start my car again, so I can get myself to Battery World and buy a new one there.

Well sod that for a game of soldiers. I switched off the ignition, thanked him for his trouble, went back inside and "Hollered for a Marshall", as the ad says. Within half an hour the nice Marshall man was there with battery in hand, swapped it over and I was on my way. Should have called them in the first place, instead of phoning the roadside assistance that I pay $100 a year to belong to *grrr* .Arrived home at 9.04pm, too bloody tired to think about food after feeding cats etc so I've settled for a cup of soup. Need to sleep - I'm not even game to check my flist tonight or I'll be up for hours yet.
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