September 18th, 2010

Random Violin


After much procrastination today (cat's nails needed clipping; who knew? *g*) I finally got around to updating my resume today, so it's now fit for external distribution. It's one of those jobs I keep meaning to do but keep putting off, but a phone call from a mate earlier this week prompted me to get going on it. He's now the state manager for one of the "opposition" banks, and he happened to mention a new department that's been created in Brisbane, for which I'd be perfect, and he's suggested I send my resume to him in case of future opportunities.
I cheekily asked if I could use him as a referee, and he told me to go for it!
So, job done. I think I'll start circulating it around the majors, as well, as you never know when something suitable might come up.
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