October 8th, 2010

Random Violin


During my first appointment today my work mobile rang - the ringtone is The Professionals theme and both customers laughingly identified it straight away! They used to watch - and love - the show during its first run in New Zealand. Not only that, but Mrs then went on to tell me she is a huge MS fan, and we spent the next ten minutes or so happily discussing the various roles MS has played over the years.
The things we learn. I've known this couple on a work basis for close to five years, and had no idea Mrs and I had something so wonderful in common.

I meant to blog about this during my lunch break, but when I tried to go to livejournal I received a Denied Access page - apparently the site has now been blacklisted by the bank's servers. Bugger! I'm not sure when that came about, as I know I've been able to access the site from work before.