November 27th, 2010

Random Computer says no


My sister's looking for a house in Brisbane for an investment, with the intention of retiring up here and moving into it herself in a few years' time. As she's in Sydney and can't always get up here, I've taken on the duty of inspecting likely prospects for her.

The first one I looked at today was a bit mind-boggling for the sheer amount of work it needed. It's a mortgagee sale but the bank will be bloody lucky to get its money back on this place; the best course of action would be to bulldoze it and start again. Termites have eaten out half the door and window frames, some of which sport gaping holes that you could put your fist into. The pool has a leak which allows water into the spa and there's no mandatory safety fencing around it - the agent has arranged temporary fencing for it so that it's safe during inspections, but that's it. The house has a huge rear sunroom but it's not council-approved so it would need to come down, there are small drill-holes peppering most of the internal walls where termite treatment has been pumped through (the effect is not unlike the scatter pattern of shotgun pellets) and then, as a final insult, the front fence was "tagged" with graffiti last night.

I really felt sorry for the agent, as she's had the listing for nearly six months now and she knows the place isn't going to sell at the bank's asking price, but they won't listen to her nor will they send someone out to actually look at it, to see what she's talking about.
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