January 7th, 2011

Random Violin

We've had enough now, thank you.

Rain, that is. It's barely stopped for months, and both North Qld and western NSW are under water. Some photos of the floods can be found here; they attempt to convey the scope of the devastation.

Locally it's not that bad, although the rain hasn't stopped. I had to giggle over the story about a Tanah Merah taxi driver - silly man - rescuers were able to safely walk to his vehicle to help him! Idiot. Good to see he's been charged over the incident.

Driving to work this morning was interesting, to say the least. For the last couple of kilometers I couldn't see the road properly, the rain was that heavy, and as I drove through water over the road, at times the resulting spray was as high as my car windows.
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ETA: just found this article relating to a flash flood in the city yesterday!
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