June 5th, 2011

Random Violin

All good now.

So there I was, merrily browsing away last Thursday night, when suddenly three things happened - 1) a virus alert came up onscreen, 2) my virus protection program (AVG free) virus scanner was disabled, and 3) firefox crashed. I couldn't re-open it, nor could I get Internet Explorer to open. I tried re-installing AVG but as soon as I did, the virus scanner was disabled again. This was Not Good. Fiddled around a bit more but didn't get anywhere so at midnight I packed it in.

Spent Friday at work changing passwords on all of my online accounts (ebay, paypal, internet banking etc) just to be on the safe side. Friday and Saturday nights' browsing done via ancient laptop, and then today my gorgeous clever boy came over and fixed pc for me. He found the virus / trojan, but had to use DOS to get rid of it as Windows insisted it was in use and consequently locked the file, preventing its removal through Windows.

While he was working on the pc, his cat was rocking around my house, eating everyone else's food, and generally making himself at home. He'd spent the night at the emergency vet after biting (not eating, just biting) the leaf of a highly-toxic plant and immediately foaming at the mouth. Looked the plant up on the internet and freaked - get cat to emergency vet immediately, as "contact with the plant's latex is to be avoided at all costs" according to the cat-toxic plant guide. Jay made the point that plants should carry toxicity warnings, and I think that's a brilliant idea. Will look into making it happen. I'm just so glad that Pickle is all right, though. He's a dear little kid, the only son of my Fatty Princess, and I hand-reared him so even though he's no longer mine he's still quite precious to me.