June 12th, 2011

Random Violin

Kangaroo Edward

Absolutely buggered tonight. Shoulders cramping, upper back muscles aching, and I swear the soles of my feet are bruised. It's the Australian Cat Federation National Show weekend - the show is organised each year by a different feline council in a different state, and this year was my council's turn to run it.

We started with setup yesterday, which lasted from midday to 9.45pm. Show manager hadn't had time to put together a floor plan, and she wasn't able to help with setup as she was attending a judge's seminar, so I had to work out where we were going to put 350+ exhibits and how many bays we'd need before we could even start setting up tables. Then the cages for the interstate exhibitors had to go up (132 of those)and then all the little jobs needed to be done; putting out garbage bins, fixing up disinfectant spray bottles, rolling out miles of bunting (that alone took an hour!)etc. By the time I got home last night (show hall was an hours' drive from my place) and then fed my cats etc I was too tired to make anything for tea, so settled for a couple of pieces of toast.

Back to the hall this morning, and discovered that my assignment was to steward with our guest judge from Japan. She was judging all longhair exhibits and the foreign type shorthairs (Siamese, Balinese, Oriental and Foreign White) so I was on the go all day.

And then, the icing on the cake - pulling the show back down. I finally left the hall at 8pm, having been on my feet for twelve hours straight.

Now cats are fed, my dinner is made, and I'm going to sit in a corner and quietly whimper read my catalogue, and see what I missed during the show.

ETA damn, just realised my catalogue is still in my car and I simply don't have the energy to go downstairs and retrieve it. Tomorrow will have to do.