July 22nd, 2011

Random Violin

That's rubbish

Just because I live in Logan it doesn't mean I don't have a job - all right, Miss Snotty Council Lady with attitude? *takes deep breath*
Earlier this week an article in our council newsletter declared that all residents now have two garbage bins; a regular one and a separate recycling bin, instead of the one large divided bin we've had until now. I still only have the one bin, and assumed that the council simply hadn't made it to my street with the new bins yet, but this morning I noticed that every other house in my street had two bins out for collection.
When I rang the council to enquire, the lady I spoke to was disbelieving when I told her I only had the one bin, but she agreed to "replace" my recycling bin, then requested I keep an eye out for it when it arrives (within the next three business days) and immediately bring it into my yard so that it doesn't get stolen again. What, does she think I can just sit at home for the next three working days on the off-chance that the bin arrives? (Okay, I'm on holidays, but not the point!)