August 17th, 2011

Random Doesn't play well with others

Today needs to be over, now.

Ever have one of those meh days when you can't seem to muster up any enthusiasm for anything? I had one today, from the minute the alarm went off until...well, until now, with no end in sight. Knowing that half the city had the day off work for the Ekka didn't help; knowing that my half of the city had last Monday off for the same reason didn't make it any better. I just couldn't get into anything today. Approved one loan, started working on another and then could not be arsed to finish the processing. It will still be there tomorrow. And it was all I could do to restrain myself from snapping at stupid questions, which really isn't a wise thing to do. (but honestly, who in their right mind would think that having superannuation - which they can't access for another 20 years or so - improves their affordability?) I'm really over people at the moment I think.

One bright spot, when I stopped in at the kitten rescue on my way home. A dose of fluffy and a good news story can lift my mood for a bit at least. Today's was a kitten that came in yesterday with a suspected broken leg and in the early stages of tick poisoning. Turns out the leg isn't broken, although the kneecap is dislocated (as though someone had picked him up by his back leg, and possibly swung him around :-( ) and he has responded well to the anti-tick stuff and was eating and purring today. I wanted to smuggle him home in my handbag, just to remind myself that sometimes good things can come out of bad.

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