January 12th, 2012

Random Violin


(Interesting - I posted an entry to Dreamwidth nearly an hour ago and ticked to cross-post it here but it's not here yet - anyone know how long it usually takes?)

Meanwhile - my LJ issues seem to have been resolved. While the support person didn't come up with the actual solution, they were near enough and certainly pointed me in the right direction. It was something to do with javascript not running correctly on my lj (although it worked just fine on other sites such as Dreamwidth) and after disabling it, then re-enabling it, I have my tags and preview button back as well. Yay!

During the process of elimination I had to disable all of my add-ons, and I'm already missing my google shortcut toolbar. Everything else I could possibly do without, but that toolbar is going back on asap.

ETA: Time's correct too. Double-yay.
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