March 1st, 2012

Random Violin


Or maybe not. *g*
Remember when I posted here about my kitten-in-waiting? Well he's getting a lot closer. He'll go in for his little op soon, and not long after he'll be old enough to pack his little port and hop on a plane to sunny Brisbane.

Below is a vid taken just this week (see? youtube IS for cats!) that I just have to share with everyone. He's so gorgeous! I could just eat him with a spoon.
It's been teeming with rain at Alison's for the last few days; the muddy towels on the floor are for her little dog Annie when she comes inside after answering the call of nature. Annie gets a cameo spot in the vid, too.

I shared this with sunray45 this morning, and when I got home from work I found she'd screencapped it and sent me a selection of stills. Thanks so much! *hugs*.

ETA: link to earlier post retrained - it now goes to kitten photos like it should. *g* Oops!