March 23rd, 2012

S&H Good Grief

Meanwhile in another universe....

I have a friend at work (different branch to me) who has been with the bank for 25 years now. Today her boss called her into the office so they could address a customer comment made during one of our regular customer surveys; this person had wanted my friend to do something which was outside policy, and my friend stuck to the rules, and the customer's comment was "the older staff at your branch have been there far too long".
What is my friend even supposed to take away from that, except for the understanding that people are dicks? I can't believe that her boss even found it necessary to address it with her.

We have an ongoing crusade to get our cleaners to clean our branch. They're pretty new, having only recently replaced the cleaners who were let go because they didn't actually do anything. This lot aren't much better; last week I had to leave a note on my office door asking them to empty my bin please, and this week - well this particular dead cockroach has been on the floor for long enough that he's all dried out now. Even placing a sign above him yesterday didn't work; I came in this morning and he was still there, sign and all. Along with a paperclip that's been on the floor for at least a week. (yes, I could pick it up, I'm just curious as to how long it will remain there)