May 24th, 2012

Random Violin

It's probably the sugar

Feeling a bit low tonight, and not from any one thing in particular but a combination of a few little things. Which, by themselves shouldn't upset me, but put them together and I sit prodding at my miseries like a sore tooth.

Had to get my eyes tested today as my glasses badly need updating. Not only that, but now I need glasses for driving as well as close work but apparently I can't use the same set with graduated lenses, and I'm still not sure I understand the reason why. Whatever, it meant I needed two sets. The optometrist's stock was pretty unappealing, I was on my lunch break and getting more and more frustrated with myself for having such trouble choosing something I liked - and the optometrist really wasn't helping by telling me to try the different frames on and check how they looked in the mirror.Hello, it meant taking my own glasses off which meant I couldn't see a bloody thing. Smartarse. Finally grabbed two frames that looked at least halfway decent, paid upfront for the whole thing and rushed back to my desk in time for my next appointment.
What I DIDN'T know until later, was that I could have simply taken my prescription to another eyewear shop and had it made up with frames that I did like, rather than choosing the best of a bad lot. *shrug* Stuck with them for at least two years now though.

My son's girlfriend got the job she'd been after, and while I'm really really happy for her, it left me feeling miserable that I haven't heard back from the one I applied for recently, even though we had such a positive conversation over the phone at the time. I tried contacting the HR consultant yesterday, just to see if a decision had been made, but had to leave a message on her phone and she hasn't returned my call. :-(

I'm tired of not seeing the sun, too, and it's only late May. Another three months before the evenings will start being light again when I leave work.

And I don't think I'll make bonus this quarter because of my two weeks' holiday planned for next month. I'll settle enough in dollars but my cross-sale points won't be sufficient to qualify; I'm likely to finish the quarter on around 1500 points, which was the target prior to this quarter when it went up to 2000 points. That's a lot of extra insurances to sell.

First world problems, yeah, complaining from a position of white person privilege. I think I'll shut up now.