May 31st, 2012

Random Violin

(Smells like) Team Spirit

Lenders meeting today, the first three hours of which were dedicated to something which was simply marked as "Team Charter" on the agenda. Turns out that a number of people had responded in the negative to our last market pulse survey question which asked whether they felt they were part of a team, and today we were going to rectify that. As a result we spent those three hours thrashing out what a high-performing team looks like, and how it acts. This will be drawn up into a team charter that we all have to follow.

Trouble is, following a guideline for action won't make us a high-performing team, any more than spending eight hours a day in the pool will make me an Olympic swimmer. Team spirit is a spontaneous, organic thing and this process is artificial and forced. And you can tell me that team members trust each other and therefore we should all trust one another until you're blue in the face, but trust to me is something that is earned, not something that is granted.

And yet I feel more a part of this team than I have in my previous two teams, so obviously we're doing something right. I just don't believe there is a magic formula for these things.
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