June 2nd, 2012

Random Violin

Why yes I AM grumpy, thanks for noticing.

Just one of those days today. I tried bathing Ziggy for his first show tomorrow (and yes, I'm well aware that a Nog Mog should NOT be done the day before, thanks APN you won't need to point that out to me) and he went totally ballistic, so I only managed to get his tummy wet, no shampoo or anything. He was really calm while I dried him off, though; possibly because he plays at my feet while I dry my hair so the hair dryer is old news to him.

And then I had to go up the street this afternoon. Stopped at the BP for petrol and it was $1.62 a litre! I was sure it was down to $1.39 yesterday all the way along Mains Rd. What happened there? I suppose I shouldn't complain as I only need one tank a month these days, but still it seemed a bit excessive. City Farmers ate up over $100 on my credit card with kitten dry food and litter, and then I exceeded my budgeted amount on my grocery shop as well. When did everything get so expensive?

On top of everything else I'm battling to adjust to my new glasses. I know it will take time, I just wish it would hurry up. And it's wet, wet, wet, and supposed to be wet again tomorrow. It can rain all week Monday to Friday and I wouldn't care, but give me sunshine on my weekends please.

Isn't it strange how firstly there was a trend towards smaller and smaller mobile phones, but now they are getting bigger all the time? My work phone is a Sony Ericsson which would only measure a few centimetres across and about eight centimetres long; my (newer) personal phone is a Nokia which is roughly the size of an iphone 4S, and the latest Samsung Galaxy III is so much bigger again. I got an email from my mobile service provider offering a really good deal on the new Samsung but I don't want to carry around a phone quite that big. I wonder if the trend will ever reverse again.