July 1st, 2012

Random Rainbow Earth

All good things....

Yeah, back to work tomorrow after three weeks off. Sitting here trying to remember a) my passwords to the various systems I use, and b) my phone number, and coming up blank. Sign of a good holiday, I guess. Or far too much alcohol.

Actually feels a lot longer than three weeks away, probably due to the amount of things I did / places I went etc. Darwin was only one part of it; also painted my loungeroom, had a week-long visit from a southern friend, (we shopped, lunched with mutual friends, shopped some more including purchase of a lovely hand-woven rug for my dining space), totally cleaned out kitchen cupboards (how does so much junk accumulate in so short a time?), then hosted my sister and brother in law for five days and helped them clean up the house they just bought. All topped off by a cat show today that's left me tired but happy.

And, apart from checking that all my settlements went through so that I made target, I avoided thinking about work at all. To the extent that tonight, when a friend whose son is buying a house rang me and asked me what I thought interest rates were doing, I replied "don't know, don't care, ask me tomorrow!" Time enough to start thinking about it then.