July 16th, 2012

Random Violin

Bloody tetanus shot!

So, how long have I been stewarding at cat shows? For years and years and years. And when was the last time I was seriously bitten by a cat? That would be never.
Until tonight when I had to move Puss the crisis kitty and she didn't want to be moved. She was hissing and spitting and growling and yowling when I picked her up, totally without manners at all, and Ziggy came howling down the hallway and latched onto my leg, in the misguided thought that he was attacking Puss. Well then all three of us were howling like banshees! I have two rather deep puncture marks in my leg, with a very hard lump around them. So off to the late-night clinic I went, after washing out the wound and slathering antibacterial cream on it. I figured antibiotics were a must and couldn't wait until morning. What I wasn't expecting was a tetanus shot to go with it! Very long overdue shot, though, as the last one I can actually remember getting was when I was ten.
The wait at the clinic was only 90 minutes, I had expected it to be longer, but it meant the cats - and I - had to wait to be fed tonight. Here it is now, 10.34pm and I've just finished my dinner.
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