July 29th, 2012

Random Rainbow Earth

Another week's gone

It's Sunday already - admittedly the wee smalls, but Sunday all the same. This time last week I was sleeping in my spare room after discovering that a leak in my waterbed had turned the particleboard deck and plinth to mush. Now I have a brand new beautiful waterbed with a heater that actually works. I hadn't realised that my old one was quite as useless as it was. Still, it dates back to late 1989 so I should not have been surprised.

Puss has settled in beautifully, to the extent that I woke up this morning to Bodie growling as Puss had decided to join us on my bed. She's still got the boys well and truly sorted.

And Ratty - mother of Princess Fatty Kitten, Little Dot and Flossie - is not well. Had blood taken today but results won't be in until Monday. She's thirteen years old and has liver problems but I don't know if it's her liver this time that's made her ill. She's just not interested in food, which is most unlike her.

What else? Oh, dinner with friends on Friday night, at the Hogs Breath Cafe. I actually made it to dessert - they do a beautiful mud cake - but wasn't able to fit it all in.

Tomorrow I'll be scrubbing at my front railings with a wire brush, and may even get as far as doing the first coat of paint. Such joy, I can hardly contain myself. It will be nice when it's done though.
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