August 4th, 2012

Random Violin

Reach out and strangle someone.

Why is there always one? One person with whom you don't see eye to eye, one person whom you can't just shrug off and say "well that's their opinion and they're entitled to it"; one person who makes you so fucking angry you want to reach through the interwebs and slap them one.

*sigh* I feel like I'm being reduced to the most basic level when I deal with her. Every single interaction we have leaves me wanting to hit someone. Preferably her. It's reached the point that as soon as I see her name on an email in my inbox I start revving up and you can guarantee that I'll have to fire back at her. I'm sitting on my hands right now, trying not to respond to the latest but it's So. Fucking. Hard.

See, she's the cat fancy equivalent of a BNF. At least in her own mind. And everything she does is the Right Thing, while everyone else does the Wrong Thing. And her organisation is the only one - look, I'm glad she's happy where she is but does she have to keep telling us over and over? Especially galling because when she previously belonged to another organisation, they were the best thing since sliced bread.

And she's so negative! We've had people leave the email group, or at least stop participating, because this lady manages to dump on every idea ever presented. And if you call her on it, all of a sudden she's bleating on facebook that she's the sodding victim and everyone should feel sorry for her. Just yesterday we had a lady get upset, thinking she was being attacked by this BNF and wanting to leave the list; I posted saying that I was sorry she felt she was being attacked and next thing you know, BNF is on FB whinging that she was "jumped on from on high" for disagreeing with the original poster. I guess I should be flattered that she considers me as being "on high"!

But the worst of it is that she drags me down to her level, regardless of how I try to ignore her. And then I feel bad about myself.

So tonight I decided to take the online conversation in a different direction; I asked everyone to pretend that the different feline councils were all getting together for a joint meeting - what would you put on the agenda for that meeting, if you had a chance? Of course this lady had nothing to offer other than all the reasons why one person's wish list wouldn't fly. Grrrr.....

TL/DR: Please take your negativity and shove it.