September 27th, 2012

Random Violin

Well that was awkward

Valuer went through my house today - I'm using equity in my house to help support my son's first home purchase - and all was going well until he walked into the computer room. All of a sudden he went really quiet.
Perhaps I should have hidden all the pictures of Bodie & Doyle holding hands, and Sherlock and John playing kissyface.

Also today I took Ziggy to the vet as he's been pulling out his coat and has practically ringbarked his tail. He's been doing it for a few weeks now; at first I was treating the bald patches for a fungal infection but it's getting worse, not better. Woods lamp ruled out fungus, and vet couldn't find any sign of dermatitis, so she asked if anything has changed at home. The only ongoing change is the presence of Puss; she and Zig are still hostile towards each other and she has a habit of sitting in a doorway and trapping him in a room, not letting him go past. Vet believes that stress and anxiety is the root cause of his behaviour and she has recommended that Puss go back to Little Paws until her owner is well enough to take her back.

I feel awful about that. Little Paws is inundated with older cats at present and struggling to home them. And the thought of Puss being shifted again doesn't exactly fill me with cheer; bad enough she's missing her owner without being shunted from pillar to post. Meanwhile Ziggy is now on cat valium (also not ideal!) and I've bought a pheromone diffuser for the loungeroom in an attempt to calm things down a bit.