October 5th, 2012

Random Violin

Doing the Friday night happy dance of joy.

Short working week but all the busier for it; was supposed to go out for drinks tonight to say goodbye to my retrenched area manager but really didn't feel alive enough for it. Most nights this week have seen me collapse here in front of my monitor. I've been following my flist but not commenting much - the old brain cells are just too tired. Still, it's the weekend now - time to relax and get over it.

House painting to look forward to, tomorrow. How's that different to any other weekend between the start of August and Christmas, you ask? Yeah, not very. Still so very much to do. Nothing will get done on Sunday, seeing as how it's the most sacred day of the year. I might not be at the track but I'll be there in spirit. Last night I dreamed that Mark Winterbottom won. Back in the 80s I dreamed the Bathurst winner a couple of times; I hope I'm wrong this year.

Also need to wash my car first thing tomorrow. I was concerned on Wednesday night to discover a trail of oil in my carport when I got home, and my neighbour came racing over to tell me that the oil was still fresh when I drove out that morning. He felt around underneath and his hand came away wet with oil; clean oil, I might point out, it certainly didn't look as though it had ridden around in my engine for the last 7000km. Strange. It wasn't until a while later that I recalled driving over a plastic bottle on the road on Tuesday night - a black plastic bottle with a red lid that shattered under the car.
All the same, as a precaution I stopped in at the mechanic's workshop on my way to work yesterday and got him to put my car on the hoist, just to check that the oil wasn't actually leaking from my car. Nup, the oil coating definitely came from an outside source.
Then this morning I noticed that it was all over the back of my car. Definitely needs to be washed now.

*rambly post is rambly*