December 3rd, 2012

Random Violin

Uniformity is Key

I group my icons according to fandom, along with a large group tagged "cats" and another tagged "random". It's made it very easy in the past to find, for example, my cricket icon - just scroll to the R-icons and there it would be - Random Cricket (oh if only the Aussie Test team could find form so easily!)

Back when LJ made a change to the way your icon list would display, when posting comments on others' journals, I thought it was pretty cool being able to search through my icon thumbnails for the one I wanted. Then LJ did something that made my icons display in chronological order, and that was a bit not good to quote Dr Watson. Enough people complained that LJ had to put it back to alphabetic, but that's when something really strange seemed to happen. Random groups of my icons would be in alphabetic, then that group would be followed by another group in alphabetic order; it was downright weird. I raised the issue in the help room but no-one seemed able to help.

And then I noticed that the randomness wasn't actually random at all. Not only was LJ sorting my icons alphabetically but it was giving preference to capitalised letters, so icons labelled "Sherlock trafalgar square" were appearing in the list ahead of "cats dancing" while Pros were in a group of their own, separated by cats and random from "pros". Poor form, LJ, poor form indeed.

I've just spent fifteen minutes going back through all of my icons and making sure that the first letter is capitalised, just so they'll all display the way they used to. Once again Pros Bed is snuggled up against Pros Bats for the other side and Pros Bodie Pout, just where it belongs. Hopefully LJ won't decide to change it up again any time soon.

*heh* Switched to the new version of the posting window to check that my icons were all in the right places, but then my mood icon wouldn't display. One step forward, LJ, about fiftyseven steps back.
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