December 29th, 2012

Random Ulu-roo

Not going outside unless I have to

There's a snake in my yard. About 110cm long and 5cm at its widest, it's grey/green with a vivid yellow belly. Snake identification site says it's a non-venomous common tree snake but it makes no difference, there's a freaking snake in my yard and I am terrified of snakes. It followed me down the path I swear, before taking off into the rockery in pursuit of a lizard. A cloud of Noisy Miners descended on a palm in the rockery and set up such a racket above it, and eventually the snake took himself off.

At present it's in the carport next to my car. What if it's still there when I need to go out later? Or worse - what if it's not? And has got up into the undercarriage of my car and makes its way inside? My head says it's not actually possible but my hind-brain says There's Gaps! It Could!

In any event my plans to spend most of the day in the garden have been shot to pieces. No way while there's a freaking snake about.