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Driving Down Memory Lane

Conversation on another LJ got me thinking about various cars my family or I have owned over the years, which led to a hunt through the photo albums. Lost a couple of hours doing that! I've decided to put an album together showcasing the vehicles we've owned, and I'll scan them all too. I'll also post them here randomly, no particular order, just whatever grabs me on the day.
So to begin - the first car I owned. Can you say heap of shit?
Have to admit that I loved it, though. It cost me all of $1700 to buy, and in the 18 months of ownership I spent $1400 on repairs. It wasn't all that old at the time, either.
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This photo taken at Bathurst in October 1976, camping at McPhillamy. Freezing cold at 8am, trying desperately to thaw out.
Still have a soft spot for Toranas. More to come.

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