January 23rd, 2014

Cats Zig and Bodie full

The cost of five minutes more.

Ziggy was picking on Bodie mercilessly last night, and Bodie is far too much of a gentleman to retaliate, so to give him some peace and quiet I brought him into my bedroom and shut the door when I went to bed. He settled pretty quickly on my bed, and all was good until just before 5am when he started to make his little chirrup sounds. After glancing blearily at the clock I told him to settle down, as he could wait for his breakfast until 5.30 which is when I usually get up. He went silent, and still, and then my leg suddenly felt quite warm - little bugger had peed on my bed. Not his fault, I should have let him out when he first asked me, but I really wanted that extra half hours sleep! Instead I was stripping the bed, washing the sheets, and hosing the mattress topper. I'm a bit worried about that one, as it's down-filled, and even with the hose on full-blast I'm not entirely certain I've done a proper job.
Ah well, at least he had enough class to pee on my one and only set of linen sheets. And I needed another shower anyway.
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