March 1st, 2014

Cats Zig and Bodie full

Still laughing, twelve hours on.

I let Ziggy out into the back yard this morning when I went out to hang a load of washing, thinking he couldn't come to any harm while I was there to watch him. He headed to the side fence and tracked alongside it to the back corner, keeping under the cover of the bushes, all the while being quite vocal about the experience.

And then the Noisy Miners found him, and set up an Intruder Alert. In less than a minute there were close to 50 of these birds sitting in the bushes around Ziggy and screaming. A couple of butcher birds joined in, followed by a magpie, and the back fence was lined by sacred ibis all wondering what the fuss was about.

Ziggy finally broke cover and made a bee-line for the back door, belly low to the ground while the birds darted and swooped above him, dive-bombing him to make sure he got the message. Once he reached me I snatched him up, laughing fit to kill. What was that all about? He's supposed to be the cat, they're the birds!
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