March 20th, 2014

Random Darwin sunset

Road trip! part two

Saturday was a lovely lazy day, starting with meeting an old workmate for brunch. And would you believe, I drove all the way down to the jetty, jumped out of my car, took two steps then stopped dead. "Um, this isn't actually where the Shearwater is," I explained, embarrassed, before getting back in car and heading back up Harbour Drive to the real location of the restaurant, where my friend was patiently waiting. Okay, my excuse is that it's 10 years since I've lived there and the old memory isn't what it used to be!

After that we explored the city centre, and had our astrology charts done at a little alternative shop - the same one where I had my belly button pierced years ago. What I didn't expect was that the astrologist would plug our birthdates and places into a computer, and analyse the charts produced. I guess it beats the old days where you sent your info off and then waited a fortnight for the results! It was just an interesting juxtaposition of technology with the arcane. He recorded the sessions onto a CD, too, so that we could take them with us. I'm going to transcribe mine this weekend as there were a lot of dates mentioned.

Later in the afternoon we headed back down to the jetty, bought icecreams then took a stroll along the breakwater to Muttonbird Island.

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