April 23rd, 2014

Cats Zig and Bodie full

Handle it

I'm that pleased with the way my kitchen looks just from changing the handles that I took photos this morning. (and now thinking how convenient digital cameras are - I don't have to drop the film in to be developed, and wait for it to come back, only to find that half of my photos are too dark anyway.).

 photo Kitchenhandles4480x360_zps3f9d6cf7.jpg

My poor old dishwasher has seen better days.

 photo Kitchenhandles1480x360_zpsacd7ed6d.jpg

Bodie-cat can't even have his breakfast in peace. If it's not Ziggy pushing him out of the way, it's me bothering him with the camera.

The black handles blend in with the benchtops so much better than the brushed aluminium handles did. I'm really happy with them.
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