May 29th, 2014

Dr Who Banana

More work-related nerves

Tomorrow I have my probation review with the head of operations at work. Even though I was granted my DLA recently I'm still nervous about this - operations is all about productivity, and I know I'm slow. In one part of the job I'm an absolute flash and can get through up to 25 files per day, where the expected productivity is 20, but in the assess-and-approve stakes I'm still snail pace. I know I'll come up to speed as I get my rhythm going, and I'm sure they'll give me time to do so, but it's still a bit of a worry. Ah well, going out for dinner tomorrow night so I'll either be celebrating, or drowning my sorrows.

Part of my job entails reading the tax returns and financials for self employed people and companies, and due to the location of the branches I've worked in they've mostly been for tradespeople or services. Had one yesterday that made me smile - a sheep farmer's balance sheet, on the assets side, had a column for Natural Increase. I don't know why but that really gave me a good feeling.
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