September 10th, 2014

Random Computer says no

Spendless September

My normal bill-paying pattern is to put them all on my credit card then pay it out in full each month; also my groceries, and any discretionary spending goes on the card. For the last two months in a row, though, my discretionary spending has outstripped the money put aside for it and I've had to dip into my savings, so I've declared this month to be Spendless (or No-Spend!) September. There's one thing that I'll need to spend on, and that's dinner prior to a show later this month - the show ticket is already paid for thank goodness or I'd be reluctantly turning it down.

And next week my car finally goes in for its repairs, which will be a drain on my bank account. I'm claiming the vandalism on insurance but will still need to pay the excess (fortunately I "upped" my policy to include one claim per year without losing my no-claim bonus) and I'm taking advantage of the car already being in the panel shop to get the rear spoiler resprayed, and of course the insurance isn't paying for that.

Will be interesting to see how I get on, anyway. Might even aim for two months, if this month is a success.